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Follow-on and new rate mortgages.

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For existing borrowers we offer new rate and follow-on mortgage deals.

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New rate and follow-on mortgages.


All you need to know about mortgages for existing borrowers.

We will get in touch with our existing mortgage holders before their mortgage product reaches the maturity date. We will be able to outline what happens next and will usually offer options for a new rate mortgage deal. For borrowers who choose one of our special follow-on mortgage products we’re usually able to make this happen as soon as the previous product expires.

Our follow-on mortgage products are available for existing Suffolk Building Society mortgage borrowers who are approaching the end of their mortgage deal, or whose mortgage has already matured and transferred onto our Standard Variable Rate (SVR). Alternatively any borrowers who completed on SVR will be considered for a product change 12 months after completion.

Please note we are unable to offer follow-on mortgages to borrowers who are in arrears or have breached their mortgage terms and conditions.

If you’re making changes to your Suffolk Building Society mortgage this is a more in-depth process than simply arranging a follow-on deal, but we will be happy to discuss the changes you’d like to make. We will usually need to treat this as a remortgage rather than a simple follow-on arrangement, which means we will be required to review your financial situation and carry out an affordability assessment. Find out more about remortgaging by visiting our remortgage page or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We’ve put together some helpful guidance to help you when managing your mortgage. This includes common queries such as removing or adding named parties, changing your details, porting your mortgage product to a new property and lots more. Visit our managing your mortgage page for full details.

If you have an interest only mortgage and are looking to repay the capital, or have questions about how repayment works, visit our repaying an interest only mortgage page to get the latest information.


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