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Caring for
our environment.

Safeguarding our environment for us and future generations is something we take seriously. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions from our own operations to net zero by 2030. This exceeds the UN’s own target of 2050.

We’re looking to improve not just the impact of our business operations, but also how we can adapt our services to help members make energy efficient choices in their homes.

Whilst we don’t manufacture a physical product, we know our operations have an environmental footprint, so we work to minimise this where possible.

The story so far

What we’ve done.

Our impact so far in numbers.


With lots of hard work so far, we have calculated our impact on head office, which has seen a reduction over the past three years.

From 2021 we will also look to factor in each of our branches and business mileage, so we have carbon footprint data as accurate as possible.

What we’re going to do.

Net zero by 2030.


Helping members.


Recognition for our environmental safeguarding.

In February 2019 we were awarded a Silver Award by the Suffolk Carbon Charter in recognition of the efforts we have made in recent years. We’ve since been awarded the Silver Award in 2020 and 2021 too.

The panel was impressed by our clear commitment to sustainability with the installation of air source heat pumps, LED lighting and recycling, as well as the solar panel array fitted at our head office premises and the action plan we have put in place for the future. We’ll be looking to take this even further with our latest work, as we continue to strive for net zero by 2030.

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