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Manage your existing mortgage.

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Managing your mortgage.

If you’re looking to amend your mortgage contract in order to remove or add a named party you will need to contact us and outline your requirements. We will need to undertake further checks in order to make sure the remaining, or new, named parties on the mortgage pass our affordability assessments and will be able to meet the repayments both now and should circumstances change in the future.

If you are adding a new borrower to the mortgage you need to prepare supporting information as we will ask for evidence to show all forms of income, existing credit commitments and typical levels of expenditure.

If you have legally changed your name we will need to update our records. We will need to see a certified copy of your name change documentation, or marriage certificate if applicable. If you are local to one of our branches you will be able to take your original documentation to a member of staff who can certify a copy and pass on to our mortgage administration team.

Our mortgage products can usually be ported if you are moving home, but you will need to contact us in advance as applications to port will be subject to full status, affordability and loan to value checks. If you need to borrow more funds to purchase your new property you can use our mortgage finder to identify an alternative mortgage deal, and we will not apply any Early Repayment Charge to your existing mortgage.

You can have a different correspondence address to your mortgaged property address. If you want to change your correspondence address please give us a call or complete our enquiry form. If you are changing your correspondence address because you wish to rent out your house, you will need the Society’s consent to do so. We are more than happy to talk it through with you.

If you are worried about paying your mortgage we’re here to help. We’ve put together some useful information in our mortgage payment difficulties page and whatever your situation we’ll do our best to fit a solution, so it’s best to speak to us soon as possible.

We’ve put together some useful information about repaying an interest only mortgage, which is available on our repaying an interest only mortgage page.

If you have a mortgaged property with us on a residential basis and wish to rent it out, either to long-term tenants or for holiday let guests, you will need to speak to us first in order to change your mortgage contract. Depending on the circumstances this may include switching your mortgage to a buy to let or holiday let mortgage deal.

Your residential property must not be let out without the Society’s approval. Letting your residential property without the Society’s consent is a breach of your mortgage conditions.

If you are still in your mortgage deal period and looking to borrow more funds we may be able to assist with your additional borrowing requirements. Look at our borrowing more page to see what options we currently have available.

Typically our mortgage products have a set allowance for fee-free overpayments to be made, either on a regular or lump sum basis. To find out the terms of your mortgage view your personalised European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS), which will detail your fee-free allowance and the Early Repayment Charges which may apply for exceeding the fee-free allowance. To make an overpayment you can either increase your Direct Debit or make a one-off overpayment.

Any one-off overpayment of more than £2,000 (a “Capital Repayment”) will trigger an automatic recalculation of your monthly mortgage payment. Or, if you wish, a reduction in your remaining mortgage term.

For a basic example of what making a lump sum overpayment could mean for your mortgage use our mortgage overpayment calculator.

Before you took out your mortgage product you will have been given a personalised European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS), which gives full details about your mortgage deal and outlines the set product period and any penalties or Early Repayment Charges which may apply if you repay or redeem your mortgage early.

Please contact us for confirmation of a redemption figure, how to avoid overpaying and waiting for a refund and whether you have physical title deeds. Our redemption and refund process normally completes around 14 days after your redemption payment.

We’ll get in touch with our existing borrowers before your mortgage product reaches its end date and outline what happens next, along with any follow-on mortgages we may offer. For borrowers who choose one of our special follow-on rates we’re usually able to make this happen as soon as the existing product expires.

Our annual mortgage statements are produced on 30 November and are posted to you by the end of December each year. This is a full statement of your mortgage account showing all payments received and charges made between 1 December and 30 November. You can request a duplicate or interim statement but this will be subject to a fee. View our [tariff of mortgage charges] for more information.

These are available upon request. The first copy will not incur a fee, but replacement copies will incur a fee. View our [tariff of mortgage charges] for more information.

Interest rates are typically offered on a fixed, variable or discounted basis – check your personalised European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS) for full details about your mortgage deal and interest rate type.

A fixed interest rate will not change during the product period and is guaranteed, regardless of what happens to our Standard Variable Rate (set by us) or the Base Rate, which is set by the Bank of England and can influence interest rates set by mortgage lenders.

A variable or discounted interest rate is usually linked to our Standard Variable Rate which is subject to change in line with market conditions. When an interest rate change is due to take place we will write to you detailing the new interest rate payable, together with your revised monthly payment.

You can read how we handle, store and protect your data in our Privacy Policy.

Nobody is perfect, and we know from time to time things do go wrong. We want to know when you’re not happy so we can improve the quality of our service and identify possible training needs, and of course we’ll do all we can to resolve your problem. Visit our making a complaint page for full details.

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