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Repaying an interest only mortgage.

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Repaying your interest only mortgage.

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What you need to know about repaying your interest only mortgage.

As a responsible lender we like to ensure our members are kept well informed of the requirements of an interest only loan. That’s why we will write to you five years before the end of your term, with further reminder notices sent as the end of your term approaches – giving you the opportunity to check the suitability of your repayment plan or look into additional assistance if required.

Your repayment plan could be the sale of the property, or an endowment, savings, investments or pension. If you are paying into a repayment product in preparation for the end of our mortgage term, we would encourage you to check with your provider that this is performing adequately and will have sufficient funds available at the end of your term. It is important to be aware that any shortfall between the value of these products and the balance of your mortgage will need to be repaid by you.

If you do not have a repayment plan in place, we would encourage you to seek early independent financial advice about the options that may be available to you when the time comes.

If you anticipate that you will be unable to repay your mortgage balance in full upon term expiry, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your repayment proposals and any assistance we may be able to offer you.

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