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Expat holiday let mortgages.

Expat Holiday Let

Expat holiday let mortgages for UK nationals.

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What you need to know about our expat holiday let mortgage lending criteria.

  1. We offer up to 60 days of personal use of the property.
  2. Will consider first time buyer and first time landlord.
  3. We assess the loan amount using the average weekly rental from high, mid and low seasons.
  4. The property can be rented via Airbnb, Vrbo and the like, as well as a traditional weekly holiday let basis.
  5. Loans available up to 80% LTV, with 50% overpayments in the product term.
  6. We lend to UK nationals working in most countries including Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and can accept applicants being paid in most currencies.

We do not lend to portfolio landlords or to landlords who use a limited company or a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to purchase holiday lets.


Commonly asked questions about expat holiday let mortgages.

Expat holiday let mortgages are designed for UK nationals living overseas. The mortgage allows them to purchase a property in the UK and let this out on a short-term basis. It’s ideal for expats who want to have somewhere to temporarily when they return home to visit.

Expat holiday let mortgages can be a bit more complicated than standard expat mortgages. It’s useful to approach a broker for help who has experience in this area. They will know which lenders offer holiday let expat mortgages. They can also help with working out affordability and collecting the right documentation.

The type of expat mortgage you need will depend on your circumstances. If the property is to be let out, do you plan to make regular visits to the UK? Would you want to stay in your own home? Or are you happy to rent the property out on a longer-term basis?

For an expat holiday let mortgage, you might need to consider where you plan to buy a home. Some lenders will require the property to be in an area with known holiday let demand.


With an expat holiday let mortgage, in most cases you’ll be able to live in the property for a set amount of days per year. This is often between 30 and 90 days. However, it can vary between lenders, so always check the terms and conditions.


We have conversations, not algorithms.

Our decisions are made by experts, not computers. We need to calculate the financials, but we understand there’s more behind a mortgage than the numbers on a page. We can’t promise to lend to everyone and anyone, but we’ll consider most applications on an individual basis.

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