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Expat residential mortgages.

Expat Residential

Expat residential mortgages for UK nationals.

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Our expat residential criteria explained.

  1. Properties must be in England or Wales and used for family residence (not on a rental agreement)
  2. At least one applicant must be a UK passport holder. Most countries of residence will be considered except for those which are UN Sanctioned
  3. Applicants must be employed or in receipt of pension income, with at least one applicant earning a minimum of £40,000 or equivalent. When assessing affordability we can consider employment, pension and investment income.
  4. We accept foreign income for the following currencies: Euro; US Dollar; Canadian Dollar; Singapore Dollar; Hong Kong Dollar; Swiss Franc; Norwegian Krone; UAE Dirham; Kuwaiti Dinar; Qatari Riyal; Saudi Riyal; Australian Dollar; New Zealand Dollar; Swedish Krona and Danish Krone.
  5. We’ll consider applications where the deposit has been built up in a foreign currency as long as this is held within the UK or your country of residence.

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Frequently asked questions about
expat residential mortgages.

An expat residential mortgage is for British expats to buy or remortgage a property which is their family home. If the property will be offered for long-term rent to tenants this would require an expat buy to let mortgage.

Our mortgages are available for employed or retired applicants who earn in GBP or currencies: Euro; US Dollar; Canadian Dollar; Singapore Dollar; Hong Kong Dollar; Swiss Franc; Norwegian Krone; UAE Dirham; Kuwaiti Dinar; and Qatari Riyal. One applicant must earn at least £40,000 or equivalent.

One of the key things we’ll need to do is make sure your mortgage is affordable, both now and should circumstances or interest rates change. This means we’ll carry out what is called an affordability check. We’ll need to know details about your income, so you’ll need to prepare evidence of this. Alongside your employment, we can also take into account pension and investment income.

We will also need to know about your financial commitments and expenditure, so you’ll need to provide information on things such as travel expenses, leisure costs, how much you spend on groceries and more.

We’re happy to chat about the process so please get in touch so we can help you.

No. If you will be letting the property to tenants you will need an expat buy to let mortgage. Alternatively, if you are renting to family members this is classed as regulated buy to let or family buy to let and treated differently when it comes to affordability.

We say yes! We’re happy to consider first timer buyers for our expat residential mortgages. We know mortgages can seem confusing at the best of times, so if you need a helping hand get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through the process and answer your questions.

If you are returning to the UK permanently and looking for a standard residential mortgage we usually require you to have resided back in the UK for a minimum of 12 months, however in some circumstances can consider this sooner so get in touch to see if we can help.


We have conversations, not algorithms.

Our decisions are made by experts, not computers. We need to calculate the financials, but we understand there’s more behind a mortgage than the numbers on a page. We can’t promise to lend to everyone and anyone, but we’ll consider most applications on an individual basis.

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