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Ipswich Building Society to unveil new mural in celebration of ten years at Ravenswood

13 Jun 2018

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Added: 14 June 2018

 Ipswich Building Society to unveil new mural in celebration of ten years at Ravenswood

Ipswich Building Society is inviting people to enjoy a day of celebrations on Wednesday 13th June 2018, as it marks the tenth anniversary of its Ravenswood branch on the outskirts of Ipswich. A new office mural in commemoration of the history of the local area will be unveiled.

The mural, painted by Clare Shaw, a Customer Experience Team Leader at the Society’s Woodbridge and Aldeburgh branches who gained a degree in Illustration from Portsmouth University, is inspired by the former Ipswich Airport where the Ravenswood branch is located. It celebrates the timeline and history of the airport, which was operational from 1930 until 1997 and hosted various aircraft used in World War II, including Blenheim light bombers, Spitfires and Austers observation planes. The new mural will complement a full wall painting by the late J Brian Jepson, a local architect and artist, located in the branch’s banking hall.

Two of Ipswich Building Society’s Executive team will unveil the new mural at 9.30am. Jo Leah, General Manager (Retail and Distribution) and Trevor Slater, Finance Director, will be on hand to meet with the Society’s members. Various local artefacts and historical documents from the Society’s archives – which date back as early as the 16th century – will be on display, where Ipswich Building Society Archivist, Margaret Hancock, also an Ipswich Tourist Guide, will talk through their history.

Richard Norrington, Chief Executive, commented: “We’re excited to celebrate ten years of face-to-face customer service at our Ravenswood branch. Our branch network plays an important role in our offer and we are committed to their continuing success. The feedback we have received from our members indicates there is very much still a place for our over the counter services.

Our new mural is a brilliant tribute to the history of Ravenswood and we’re very proud to have it on display in our branch.”

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