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How’s home schooling going for you?

Written by Ipswich Building Society

23 Feb 2021


Home Schooling

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Let’s face it, no parent, grandparent or guardian knew that a global pandemic was about to hit and 11 months on we would have racked up over 5 months of home schooling (maybe longer for those who have been shielding). Some have enjoyed the change in circumstance and are considering full time home schooling, whilst others have done their best and make no qualms of counting down the days until schools reopen.

No matter which disposition you fall into and whether you’ve adopted the role of an early years teacher or are supporting a secondary school student, reminder the first rule of home schooling is be kind to yourself – you make the rules!

Home schooling and working from home

Many workers have transitioned from office based to home working during the coronavirus pandemic and whilst you may never have seriously considering taking children into the workplace, guess what… you’ve mastered it!

Juggling work commitments and family life simultaneously can, and could continue to be, a daunting task but remember these tips for success:

Assign a designated workspace

Whilst some people may not have a separate space to work, if you do, clearing a space in your home to make as the designated office/classroom can help with productivity.


Do things you would do on a normal school or workday… without the commute of course! Try and get dressed (fresh pyjamas do count), have your coffee/breakfast as normal whilst starting and finishing at similar times. Routine provides structure and will help with task completion for both work and schooling.

Schedule breaks

Adequate breaks (for both yourself and the children) boost productivity, performance and are good for your mental health.

If you need help – ask!

Contact your child’s school if you are struggling to access online resources or need some guidance on how to support your child’s learning.

Alternative ways to learn

If the time permits and you wish to limit the amount of screen time your child may be having, remember you do not need to be in a classroom to learn new things.

Alternative teaching methods whilst home schooling could include:

  • Cooking/baking lesson: Apparently banana bread was the most popular treat to bake during the first lockdown. Have your child research and write out recipes before getting stuck into the kitchen (parental supervision required) – be sure you taste as you go along!
  • Daily exercise: Use your exercise (as per government guidelines) to plan a walking route and track how many steps you take… geography and maths wrapped up into one task
  • Recycling craft session: Use packaging found in your recycling bin to create some home craft projects… Google and Pinterest should be your friends here when looking for inspiration.

In the meantime…

Here at Ipswich Building Society, whilst we are unable to conduct our financial education sessions in primary and secondary schools due to COVID-19, we encourage both parents and students to nurture their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills where they can. The BBC Bitesize website offers some great online resources for primary, secondary and post-16 from worksheets to games which may come in handy.

With the vaccine role out we hope some normality will return to everyone’s lives soon, but in the meantime it’s one day at a time…

This article was published under our previous name of Ipswich Building Society. We changed our name in 2021 – find out more.

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