Looking for Ipswich Building Society? You’re in the right place – we’ve changed our name! Welcome to Suffolk Building Society. Find out more.

We’re driven by
doing what’s right.

We’re proud of our home and the people who make it. Proud of our values and way of life. And we’re strong champions of giving back to communities.

Whether it’s through volunteering, financial education, grants or more, we do all we can to act responsibly and sustainably – for the good of our staff, members, intermediaries, local businesses and the environment in which we all live and work.


How we help our communities.

Financial education.

Our bespoke financial education programmes are aimed at Year 2, Year 10 and college students. We also work with prison rehabilitation programmes in the county. Each session is delivered by our trained staff, teaching financial literacy through real life scenarios and games, meeting the needs of the National Curriculum.

Contact your local branch to book a session.


We encourage our staff to get hands-on with charity groups and community enterprises, offering half a day per month to volunteer in work time. This can either be through regular roles or ad-hoc, one-off tasks and doesn’t need to be related to their role at the Society.

Get in touch if you would like to request help or promote a volunteer role to our team.

Financial support and grants.

As part of Suffolk Community Foundation’s ‘Suffolk Fund’ we help to support grass roots organisations.

From time to time we may also be able to support additional sponsorship requests and distribute smaller grants.

Help in kind.

If you have thought of a different way we may be able to help with your organisation or event please get in touch with your local branch and tell us more!


Caring for our environment.


Recognition for our environmental safeguarding.

In February 2019 we were awarded a Silver Award by the Suffolk Carbon Charter in recognition of the efforts we have made in recent years. The panel were impressed with our clear commitment to sustainability with the installation of air source heat pumps, LED lighting and recycling, as well as the solar panel array fitted at our head office premises.

We’ve also appointed internal ‘Green Champions’ to suggest improvements to reduce our environmental impact, support our sustainability policy and action plan and promote awareness of sustainability and environmental issues throughout the Society.

We have undertaken the following steps:

  • Installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of our head office, Freehold House
  • Installed low energy LED lighting within Freehold House and across several branches
  • Installed energy efficient air source heat pump units (to provide heating and/or cooling) at all sites
  • Installed recycling collections at all sites for paper, card, plastics and cans plus glass recycling at Freehold House
  • Discontinued use of disposable plastic cups across our premises
  • Strongly discouraged unnecessary printing and taken steps to make processes paperless, where possible

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