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Society CEO hosts financial education workshop for HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay prisoners

8 Sep 2015

2 min read

Added: 9 September 2015

Paul Winter, CEO of Ipswich Building Society, hosts financial education workshop for HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay prisoners

Paul Winter, CEO of Ipswich Building Society, has shared his financial expertise with prisoners at HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay following the launch of the Society’s financial education programme at the prison earlier this year and the continued success of a similar initiative at HMP Highpoint which has been running since 2013. He visited the prison on 8thSeptember 2015.

Each month financial experts from the Society conduct hour long classes and group discussions on a range of personal finance topics, including taxation and National Insurance, to advice on budgeting, different types of lending and other monetary issues.

The financial education initiative comes as part of Ipswich Building Society’s goal to be a leading responsible business. Employees at the Society are encouraged to use their skills and expertise to give back to the local community during their working hours. This has helped to drive the financial education initiative forward and improve overall employee satisfaction.

David Williams, Area Director of Business in the Community, said, “Ipswich Building Society’s Money Management Programme provides prisoners with a better understanding of budgeting and managing their money when they re-join society. This important programme builds the skills and confidence of prisoners and is a fantastic example of a business using their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others. Ipswich Building Society has been a member of Business in the Community for many years and the company’s prison programme is just one example of the great work they are doing in the responsible business agenda.”

Paul Winter, CEO of Ipswich Building Society, commented on the initiative, “Through our education initiative prisoners at HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay and HMP Highpoint will gain the skills they need to better manage their finances following their release. This will in turn help to prevent reoffending as those driven to crime in an effort to escape poverty or financial difficulties will be equipped with the skills to better manage their personal finances and avoid falling into financial dire straits.”

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