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Mortgage product

Residential 2 Year Discount Rate – for purchase or remortgage up to 95% LTV

Mortgage details

Initial rate

5.85% (SVR minus 2.84%)

Rate Type


Rate Term

2 year



Standard rate

STANDARD VARIABLE RATE of 8.69% with a discount of 2.84% until 2 years from completion then reverting to 6.95% (Suffolk SVR minus 1.74%) for 36 months, then changing to Suffolk Standard Variable Rate (currently 8.69%) for the remainder of the term


Application Fee:

Completion Fee:

Valuation Fee:
Purchase – Based on property valuation
Remortgage – Based on property valuation

CHAPS (Fee for transfer of funds to solicitor):

For full details of our valuation fees, please contact us.

Maximum loan


Maximum LTV


Additional information

Fee free over-payments up to 50% of original loan. Early repayment charge of 1% applies until 2 years from completion.


Representative example

A mortgage of £430,400.00 payable over 24 years on our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% with a discount of 2.84%, giving a current rate payable of 5.85% for 24 months, then on our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% with a discount of 1.74%, giving a rate payable of 6.95% for 36 months (please note that the rate payable will never fall below 3%). This will be followed by our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% for the remainder of the mortgage term. This would require 24 monthly payments of £2,791.12, followed by 36 payments of £3,064.56, followed by 228 payments of £3,475.69. The total amount payable would be £970,377.36 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£538,334.36), an application fee of £199, a completion fee of £999, a valuation fee of £315, a mortgage funds release fee of £35 and a mortgage exit fee of £95. The overall cost for comparison is 8.0% APRC representative.

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