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Mortgage product

Eco Self Build 2 Year Discount Rate – for purchase or remortgage up to 80% LTV

Mortgage details

Initial rate

5.99% (SVR minus 2.70%)

Rate Type


Rate Term

2 year



Standard rate

STANDARD VARIABLE RATE of 8.69% with a discount of 2.70% until 2 years from completion date, then reverting to 7.69% (Suffolk SVR minus 1%) for 36 months (please note this rate will not fall below 3%), then changing to Suffolk Standard Variable Rate (currently 8.69%)


Application Fee:

Completion Fee:

Valuation Fee:
Based on property valuation

CHAPS (Fee for transfer of funds to solicitor):

You can see how our fees are calculated by clicking here

Maximum loan


Maximum LTV


Additional information

Fee free over-payments up to 50% of original loan. Early repayment charge of 2% applies until 2 years from completion.

Eco Self Build product only available to for self builders and renovators who intend to build or renovate a property to an EPC rating of A or B, which includes at least two of the following qualifying energy efficient features: photovoltaics, solar panels, air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, rain water harvesting, greywater collection, triple glazing, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system, biomass pellet boiler, wind turbines, higher than usual levels of thermal insulation, geothermal heating, compostable toilet or electric car charging stations. These features will need to be evidenced in the plans/costings. For more information, please refer to our Self Build Hub.


Representative example

A mortgage of £400,000.00 payable over 13 years on our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% with a discount of 2.70%, giving a current rate payable of 5.99% for 24 months, then on our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% with a discount of 1.00%, giving a rate payable of 7.69% for 36 months (please note that the rate payable will never fall below 3%). This will be followed by our Standard Variable Rate currently at 8.69% for the remainder of the mortgage term. This would require 24 monthly payments of £3,706.35, followed by 36 payments of £4,023.23, followed by 96 payments of £4,170.65. The total amount payable would be £634,780.08 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£233,137.08), a mortgage funds release fee of £35, an application fee of £199, a completion fee of £999, a valuation fee of £315 and a mortgage exit fee of £95. The overall cost for comparison is 7.8% APRC representative.

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