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Long-term disabilities mortgage.


Mortgages for people with long term disabilities.

What you need to know

About the Home Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities (HOLD) Scheme.

The Home Ownership for people with Long term Disabilities scheme, known as HOLD, is a unique mortgage in partnership with Suffolk County Council and certain Housing Associations. It works to help people who would otherwise be unable to secure a home loan and operates on a shared ownership basis, which is a part-buy part-rent scheme with the housing association.

Due to the specialist nature of mortgages for disabled applicants we’re not able to guarantee availability. It’s best to get in touch with Suffolk County Council or the Professional Deputy Service to see whether you may be eligible. These parties will then be able to liaise with the Society on your behalf. If you live outside of Suffolk, you could contact your local council to see if they have any similar schemes available.

If you are not eligible for a HOLD mortgage, get in touch to see if you may be eligible for one of our standard mortgage products.



Mortgages for real life

Case study – how a HOLD disabled mortgage helped one borrower.

We were pleased to help a 27-year old borrower, Sam (not his real name), with purchasing a bungalow in his home town of Lowestoft, close to his parents.

At first, Sam found the transition to having his own home hard, but once he settled in said, “the best part is the freedom – I can do what I want, when I want. It’s the little things, I can decide what I’m going to cook for dinner or if I want to go down to the local pub for a meal instead. And I can have my family and friends over whenever I want.”

Prior to purchasing his property Sam lived in a residential home and now says “I’m more independent, I get to go shopping and choose what I fancy eating that week. I get to cook my own food, my favourite thing to cook is Spaghetti Bolognese, and if I want to have it more than once a week – I can!”

Sam’s parents commented: “With having his own place we find Sam’s individual needs are being met better, everything is tailored to him, whereas when he was in the residential home he was part of a busy schedule due to the number of other people living there. He now has this bungalow and it has made such an improvement on his quality of life. He’s happier and has much less to worry about now. And it’s nice to know that he isn’t too far away from home, so he can still pop over for a cuppa.”


We have conversations, not algorithms.

Our decisions are made by experts, not computers. We need to calculate the financials, but we understand there’s more behind a mortgage than the numbers on a page. We can’t promise to lend to everyone and anyone, but we’ll consider most applications on an individual basis.

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